Internet Marketing Specialist

Who is Dennis Thomas?

Internet Marketing

I am an Internet Marketing Major and internet marketing is all about building websites that have related advertising and online marketing that is used to drive sales and leads. In order to accomplish this task a website needs to rank high in the search engines so that people looking to find solutions to a problem will find the website. To rank high in the search engines a website must have be search engine optimized. My area of expertise in Internet Marketing is creating websites that have Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

I have used the internet and YouTube to teach myself how to create, design, and optimize websites and blogs. I am not a website coder, but I am well versed in modifying templates to create websites that meet the needs of consumers.

The websites listed in the above attachment are all search engine optimized and contains high quality content. Each site was designed to meet a particular consumer want or need. All the site title and content are based on keyword research and intensive keyword analysis. Every page and post contains all the proper HTML tags to meet the needs of that particular target audience.

Each site places an emphasis on Social Media Marketing to help increase brand awareness and overall sales.